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Fabric, I missed you

Don't you love looking at photos of other people's fabric stashes?  Ooh I do.

I missed my studio while I was away for the whole of summer.  I missed being around my fabrics and crafty bits.

Crochet 4 ply

I had a selection of crochet yarn to keep me company, but I still missed my fabric.

Fabric stash

To kick off what I hope will be a creative year, I decided to sort my fabric stash.  This old wooden set of filing shelves was previously storing Townmouse t-shirts and bodysuits.  That's not nearly as inspiring to look at as sorted and neatly folded fabric.

Fabric - rockpool quilt

There's an eclectic mix of fabric here.  This stash goes back to the '80s and '90s.  As in all things, taste in fabrics has changed somewhat, as has my liking for certain things. 

Fabric - mixed

I've even retrieved the bits of my stash that had been relegated to shoe boxes in the garage.


The gathering of fabric from all corners of the house also unearthed other things, like half finished quilt tops that had been long abandoned.

Quilt top WIP

And you know what conclusion I reached after all this ironing and folding and sorting?  My fabric stash is not that excessive for someone who has been collecting for 3 decades.  Either that or these shelves hold a lot of stuff.  What do you think?



looks pretty impressive to me

Jenny McH

Either those shelves hold alot of fabric or you have a secret stash or you are very productive and actually use most of what you purchase. Recently found your blog & have enjoyed reading your last few posts.


I'd say you've been remarkably well controlled if it's been that long! Your stash is looking beautiful. As is that quilt -- it's gorgeous. Has the clean out inspired you to finish it?


Hello, nice that you are back, I normally 'lurk' . A bit selfish of me I know but I missed your posts. Love the neat piles of fabric - doesn't look excessive at all


not even vaguely excessive, I say, kristine. i think I need to fold and sort mine, because currently it looks very excessive!


lovely! that is not excessive. If you came to my house and saw mine....then that would be excessive and I only started collecting when keira was a baby. My husband would say out of control but I have stopped buying for a while.

Wow, I need a fabric intervention like yours to just get it all looking so pretty and organised. You will love starting projects now because you can see it all!


Anne Marie

I think both your shelve and stash is absolutely bautiful! It's a good thing I live across the other side of the world or I might come for a fabric stalking visit :-)


Now I'm really envious. That collection of fabrics is fantastic. So is the crochet yarn (I must learn to crochet!!!). I just love colour & pattern but always too afraid to experiment with it. x


What a lovely collection to have. Love the quilt folded onto the clothes line!!!!!

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