Fabric, I missed you
A quilt in the making

The winding road of inspiration

I find it interesting that inspiration can come via a very long and winding path. 

Red green inspiration 1

Alice, a fellow Australian (who lives in Rome) and long time reader of my blog, recently started her own quilting blog.  In a post she mentioned following a blog called Beyond the Cherry Tree, where a group of applique enthusiasts are each recreating an old quilt and posting their progress.

Red green inspiration 2

I have enjoyed following these posts and it has reminded me that this style of quilt is my first love.  One of my favourite quilting books that I've had for 15 years or so is "Red and Green: An Applique Tradition".

Red green inspiration 3

The problem is I'm not a huge fan of the colours red and green together (which is how this quilt came about).  But I have been feeling the urge to do some applique again.  I like hand applique because it's something that I can do on weekends or away from my studio.

So I decided to go for something a little more modern and youthful.  I want to make a single bed quilt for Adelaide in pink and orange.

New quilt fabrics

A visit to my local fabric store today resulted in these colours coming home with me.  The greens were already in my stash, but the others are new.  And I couldn't resist a few metres of Anna Maria Horner voile for the quilt back, as it blended perfectly with the colours I chose.

New quilt fabrics detail

Images of vintage quilts above are from this book and this book, two recent purchases on Amazon.  When I find a moment to spare, this is what I will be putting some time into.  But for now, there is a huge pile of unopened mail that needs attending to.



Warm colours are always happy, but I am surprised you won't be having any white in this quilt.

Like everything else that you do, I am sure the finished quilt will be beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend.



This (the second fabric) reminds me of my favourite Mirabelle liberty, in this colourway http://www.liberty.co.uk/fcp/product/Liberty/Floral/Mirabelle,-E-,-Liberty-Fabric/2006

Jenny McH

Love the colours you have picked out for Adelaide's quilt. Thank you for the link to Alice's blog, which then lead me to the link for The Volckening Collection video. I was blown away by the New York Beauty quilts he collects.

a very fine house

It sounds like there may be a winter of quilting ahead, can't think of any nicer. The Anna Maria fabrics are delicious and beautiful for clothes too.

Provincial Homemaker

I am sure Adelaide will love it. Those colours are so fresh. Enjoy working with them.

Anne Marie

Beautiful warm colours.

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