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Fontainebleau and Paris

On the way to Paris we saw the signs to Fontainebleau.  So we turned off the autoroute and spent the afternoon there.


My goodness the French know how to live well.  Or at least, the nobility certainly do.  The scale and opulence of Fontainebleau was mind-blowing.

Then it was on to Paris.  We spent our days in Paris getting around town on the Velib bicycles.  We covered a lot of ground this way.  The weather was very mild - perfect cycling conditions.


We spent much of our time admiring the architecture of the city.  I love this apartment building overlooking the Eiffel Tower and backing on to the Parc du Champs de Mars.  Talk about prime real estate.

I love it when all the lamps go on inside the apartments in the late afternoon and you get small glimpses of Parisian apartment life.


Earthly Joyride

Thanks for all the photos from France! I have a sketch of Fontainbleau in our dining room, a present from a friend. Lovely to see your photos.


i too have enjoyed your photos of paris. i also loved the afternoons walking around cities, seeing the lamps come on inside - dublin, london, prague, berlin

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