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French trim and other finds

There are so many little things that the French do well.  I picked up this beautifully simple picot cotton trim in Paris earlier this month.  

Picot trim

I'm picturing it finishing the hem and sleeve of some little cotton nighties for Adelaide.  Little sleeves like this, but with maybe more width and slightly more capped so they come down over the shoulder.

The camellias are currently growing down the south side of our house.   The little jar they are in was something else I bought home in my luggage from France.  The individual yoghurts served at breakfast in our Paris hotel came in these sweet jars.  I love jars that don't have a thread, as they look pretty as vases.  I thought they'd also be cute to store buttons or pins in my studio.  (The waiter at breakfast thought I was mad.)



Love your post- I too, would have brought those little jars home in my baggage


Lovely cotton trim Kristine. It will look gorgeous in a nightie indeed!
So funny about the yoghurt jars... although I confess I also keep them (both the glass ones and the terracotta ones) they come in very handy for all sorts of things!!


Oooh, I love those little european yogurt jars too. I brought a bunch of them home from Germany years ago, but sadly I don't have any left. Isn't it funny -- it's the simple things that we love!


Hello Kristine, long time reader here although I've never commented.

I use my french yoghurt jars to hold tea light candles. Nice to know I'm not the only one bringing supermarket glassware home in my case!

(And don't get me started on those little bottles of pear juice from Italy) ;-)


Hi Kristine,
Just wanted to say that I just saw your beautiful home and business featured on Design Files today. It is just so gorgeous!!!! I have been a long time follower of your blog and was delighted to see all of your home. You are one amazing lady!!


So many people think I'm mad... I blame it on the blogging thing. Love the Design Files spread today... absolutely gorgeous. I'm just hoping that it doesn't always look like that... just lie to me!


Wherever is the place we are living in, March is nice for the Camelia (I live in Paris and my Camelia is already in flower). Your so nice blog is a place I like to come, appreciate beautifull things and travelling in thought ...thank you so much !!(sorry for my bad english !)


I'd have done the exact same thing! I love sweet little jars and the trim is perfectly simple. Can't wait to see how you use it!

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