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Yesterday I took the day off work to make a quilt.  Wow, I would have done anything to be able to have done that back in the day I had my boring law firm job.


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In reality though, all that meant was that the few quiet hours I had in a child-free house were spent cutting into fabric rather than attending to Townmouse matters.

I had thought I'd better get a wriggle on in the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap.  OK, so quilts aren't due until the end of May, but I have a bad habit of starting many quilts and finishing very few.  So I was feeling the pressure.  The pressure to make something for someone whose style is quite different to mine.  I was fearful I wouldn't be able to break out of my own style constraints and make something that my cool and groovy swap partner would maybe like.  

Doll quilt fabric

So I pulled these fabrics out of my stash.  Not me at all, are they?  The geometric fabric I ordered online; a fabric that didn't appeal at all when I pulled it out of the parcel.  But here it is the star of this collection.

Inspired by a little gallery of wonky quilts I had created (a sample of which you see above), and led by this helpful tutorial on wavy piecing, I got to work.

And guess what?  I created a quilt that is so unlike any I have made before.  The fabric is not me, the style is not me, but I like the end result.  It's something I'll be excited to send to my swap partner.

Quilted doll quilt

Hopefully there's someone excited out there at the prospect that this creation could be for them.

More creative spaces at Kootoyou.



Here I am sitting at my boring law firm job wishing I was spending the day doing something creative!


very nice. Charmaine


The fabrics are fantastic and I'm positive your partner will love it!

I am making a start too and like quite a way from my comfort zone.

Naturally Carol

I love the way you aim to please your swap partner...generous thoughts!

jenny @ Ohjoh

Would love to see the finished quilt!

Jenny McH

It is a great feeling when one has created a project that has pushed our boundaries a little wider. There is that 'Wow' moment of, hey, I actually had this thought & it's worked out.


Wow they are gorgeous - love the colours.

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