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It's great to get back to some garment making.

I have a few metres of striped shirting in four colours: pink, red, pale blue and navy.  It has a fine handle and is rather lovely to sew with.

Raglan top

Before I cut into a precious Liberty (yes, the real stuff) or other favourite fabric when trying out a new style I make a quick sample or toile. But I can't bring myself to waste my sewing energy on a cheap calico.  I'd rather make it out of something that, if the pattern works, is at least wearable.  So I use this shirting.  

I guess when making children's wear, fit is not so crucial, and the fabric requirements are quite small.  If I was making a sample garment for myself I probably would use a calico.

Raglan top detail

This is a little raglan top with a front placket and neckband.  I wasn't entirely happy with the fit of this one.  There's another one in the works with less fullness.  I've taken a few cms out of the width of the front, the back and the sleeves.  Because this one is so voluminous it will go into Adelaide's cupboard until next year.

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Provincial Homemaker

What a classic garment - such crisp fabric and clean lines.


I love the idea of making mock-up's out of inexpensive fabric so that they can still be worn. It often hangs better to give you a more accurate idea of what the real deal will look like if it is a fine fabric (so says my MIL) ;)

wendy @ the textured leaf

Lovely smock!

Ive never done samples but I probably should. I just tend to go for it.


just beautiful. one day I hope I can sew some clothes that have a straight line and a nice finish! one day...


I love this little sample and it looks lovely in the shirting as is.

After some unhappy experiences with more precious fabric I always, always, use "sample" fabric nowadays when experimenting but if possible also a fabric that looks good enough to wear if things go well....


Lovely shirt! Very sensible idea, working with some cheaper fabric before cutting into the Liberty!


That's an adorable little blouse, your gathers are so precise and perfect! I can definitely see the wisdom in doing a practice run but, alas, I am the impatient type and always cut straight into the good stuff, often with mixed results. I really need to develop that discipline!


So beautiful as usual !
happy to see you sew again !

Rue des Mûres

Super jolie, elegant, raffiné, j'adore!

little something

Really really nice.


Elle est superbe, j'aime beaucoup la modification de la patte de boutonnage.


Superbe réalisation ! j'aime beaucoup les finitions...


This is a beautiful shirt:)

Anne Marie

Beautiful. I love your garments.

sandrine et cie

elle est vraiment superbe, cette patte de boutonnage rajoute à son charme ♥


Just found your blog through the Citronille Flickr group. I made the same shirt for my Adelaide. Funny coincidence. I agree with you about the fullness, and mine is also way too big. I really like yours in the shirting fabic.

white sewing machine

I love the shirt I wish I was as good as you

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