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A breather

Since the boys went back to school at the beginning of February I feel I haven't had a moment to spare.  I don't think I have sat still for more than 30 minutes.


So it was an absolute delight today to get on the plane, headed for Paris.  I'm now in transit in Singapore.  It was heaven to sit in one place - where I promptly watched three films in a row.  Hereafter: enjoyable; Love and Other Drugs: not so; The King's Speech: Outstanding.  For the next leg of the trip I'll catch Black Swan.

Coat profile

I'm looking forward to real cold, so I can wear my new coat.  When I spotted this coat in a Sydney store in November I wanted to squeal with delight, I loved it so.  Always a sucker for a beautiful natural fibre, this coat had me swooning.  And look at those diagonal seam details - heaven.

Having such a bright coat makes the rest of my packing very simple.  I'm sticking to black and grey and I've packed light.  Ballet flats and boots, a pair of boots for the snow and I'm all set.

Packing for Paris

I've even put a block from my current applique project in my luggage.  A little apres-ski hand sewing will be just the ticket.


stephanie @ providence handmde

Kristine, the drape of the collar is so gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful trip. :)


A beautiful coat indeed. Funny enough,I am also wearing a red coat today (a beautiful vintage Pedro Rodriguez couture)
Enjoy "real cold" and have a great time!!


ohhhh lovely! I bought a red trench a few weeks ago and so excited that I can just wear it with jeans and a tee and feel great. I love the lines on the coat too:)



So beautiful !
but, you know, snow is not here anymore in Paris !! it's almost spingtime ! ;o)
enjoy your trip (and black swan too !)

Anne Marie

I want to go to Paris just to see your outfit! Looks lovely. You are a master combning fabrics and colours. Love your style.


Kris, stunning coat!!! You will look the part. Have a lovely trip, I am so jealous. Please post some photos of Paris, I miss her! We are off to Maldvies early April, so I know how excited you must be. Enjoy xx


Oh my goodness, that coat is heavenly. I think I need it.


Love the coat - its construction and the vibrant color! Have fun and enjoy it as much a you can!

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