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Simple charm square quilt

It was a very busy studio yesterday, with lots of customers dropping by for the Townmouse sale.


In a quieter moment earlier this week I made a very quick and simple charm square quilt.  I haven't used charm squares or pre-cut fabrics before.  I find fabric selection the hardest part of making a quilt, so I liked that this part was already done for me.

Charm square quilt 1

I can't say I'm in love with this quilt. It was made quickly, rather than carefully. I don't usually machine quilt my quilts so I read a lot of Rita's posts on basting and quilting. She's the master and go-to-girl for all my quilting quandaries. Unfortunately, I only read her posts too late, after I'd run into problems. Let's just say I'm going to stock up on safety pins, and take more time with my basting in future.

Charm square quilt

This was the first time I machine finished the binding too. I need more practice at this, and next time will enlist the help of my steam iron. At fashion school we were encouraged to sew without pins, so I rarely use them to secure my work. Going back to pinning undid me a bit. With more attempts I'll work out a way that works for me.

Simple charm square quilt

There's one little person who seems happy with it though. This quilt can now be found in Adelaide's cot and will probably travel with her to kindy down the line.

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Sarah @ Dolls And Daydreams

oh I love it ... I think the fabric is perfect and I really can't see anything wrong with it :) We're always our own worst critics!


I refuse to think that there is ever anything simple about a quilt - looks ace!


It's beautiful and soft looking. Have you thought of using the temporary spray for keeping the layers together. If you do, though, do use it outside and not with any littlies around as it can be quite potent stuff. Cherrie


i think you might be a harsh critic. it looks amazing to me. i love it


lovely quilt, love white and brights.


I think it's gorgeous too! Quilting is a foreign language to me though!


I think it's a beautiful quilt!

Michelle @ The Crafty Little Fox

What a lovely little quilt. Love the spotty fabric in it. You are right sometimes choosing the fabrics is the hardest bit. Rewarding when you get it right though.

Naturally Carol

A charming collection of charm squares indeed..your quilt is georgeous..beautifully made and looks very cuddly with your girl snuggled under it!


it's sooo pretty (and it looks so well done from where I'm sitting)! now I want a charm pack from that line...


It looks great Kristine and Adelaide looks thrilled with her new quilt!


I think that Adelaide will remember the colour and the cuddliness of it, not the imperfectness:)

Very nice fabrics.


How can you not be happy with this girl. It is absolutely stunning and ever so pretty. love the colours and fabrics plus your quilting looks pretty much perfect in the photo's.


It looks like an adorable quilt. I have found Rita's tips very handy and read them religiously as I go.


Wow Kristine, it is beautiful!!! It looks fresh and happy and Adelaide is going to love HER quilt forever!
The fabrics look very Cath Kidstonsih, don't they? I love it!


Gorgeous - such pretty fabrics and colours. I love a charm square pack, too.


Well, it sure looks beautiful from here -- I LOVE it Kristine!


Your quilt looks lovely! Well done!


Love love love the quilt - it is so pretty. Would you mind sharing where you got the charm squares or what brand fabric they are?


Gorgeous quilt and am sure Adelaide will adore it for many years ahead.


Lovely quilt Christine - would you mind sharing what range the charm square fabric was from? Loving the pattern and colour combinations.


Beautiful quilt. I bet you are loving a little girl to make things for!


I absolutely love this quilt! Even if it has minor faults, I bet you're the only person who knows about them and you'll soon forget! :)

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