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A bit of Bijoux

I do love the small coordinating prints in Heather Bailey's Bijoux range of fabrics.


I took advantage of the strong Aussie dollar and recently ordered a few from the Heather Bailey online store.

And then when I saw this quilt on a blog recently, I knew what I was going to do with the fabric.

Swoon star

A quiet hour on the weekend found me in the studio trying out the pattern.

Swoon star detail

The other stars will have to wait as I have a busy week.  Lots on the To Do list.  Better get to it.



Love the larger block with all that white gives it a very modern feel. But not sure if it's a bit of a stretch for my novice quilting skills. Is it difficult?


That fabric is divine!


Gorgeous fabric. Looks perfect in your quilt block.


I think I need to come over and have a play with all your new fabrics. I haven't bought any for ages and I'm suffering withdrawals.


oh my gosh amazing. I just got my pattern in the mail today. I am trying to think of fabric choices right now.

Dolores @ A Labour of Love

I've been eyeing off the Swoon quilt too. I am hanging out until I find the perfect fabric, like you I think small scale prints will work best. I have a backlog of projects on the to do list so this one is going to have wait.


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