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I've been bitten by the quilting bug lately.  All those lovely quilts to be found on flickr.

I fell in love with this quilt yesterday - a kaleidoscope quilt. As it turns out, I have a Kaleido-Ruler in my arsenal, purchased at Amitie. I didn't even know about kaleidoscope blocks at the time of purchase, it just looked nifty. (Incidentally, Amitie is having a sale on Monday.)

Kaleidoscope piecing

This little ruler makes these blocks a snap.  It's much easier than I thought to get neat points all joining up.

Joining points

That's about the best piecing I think I've ever done, thanks to my clever tool.

Kaleidoscope blocks

I'm definitely not as comfortable making quilts as I am making children's clothes.  This was really enjoyable to make, but I'm not sure about the result.  I think there is too much variation in the strength of these different fabrics, that leave it looking like a bit of a mess.  I think I'd be better with prints of a similar intensity.  Oh, I don't know.  Sometimes it's all a bit baffling.  Maybe I'm just being too safe and too matchy-matchy.

I'd love to know what you think.  Should I push on with this? Or should I try the same pattern with different fabrics.  I do like the range, so I'm not sure whether to cut it all up, or save it for something that suits it better.  Please weigh in with your opinions, as I'm at a bit of a loss.



I love Modern Meadow and that is a lovely quilt block. Perhaps you could do each block a different colour from the range - i.e raspberry, pink, grass, and taupe. I would definitely continue with the quilt - it will be stunning.


Push On! It will be beautiful and I love Lisa's idea but I would probably stick to one or two different colours from the range.

Have fun!


I love these quilts too but haven't been bold enough to try. Having a ruler like that would be a great help though, I might have to buy one! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.


Oh definitely "push on". Quilting can often bring out patterns better too. I think its really pretty.


It looks gorgeous!!!


Oooh Kristine, I love it! If you stand back, you get the secondary cream colored circles. I'd definitely push on!


Dear Kris,
Like you, I was so `matchy matchy`-just`had to be`-until I did several workshops with a teacher/designer/ Quilt Historian whose quilts were `copies`(I use that word very loosely-derived is better )of `Old`quilts, who said to me one day- If you use all your fabrics from the same range you might as well buy a *S------n*sheet and stop worrying!
Such wise words- I have never forgotten- spent last night sorting fabrics for a new Quilt-Kaffe, Liberty and Reproductions which I am doing this week- and I slept well all night.
Hope this helps-oops,nearly forgot, add a `touch of Whimsy`!


Perhaps you need to sit and look at the quilt you fell in love with and decide what it is that makes it. Your colour choices are much more toned down.
My first thought was to change the background to blue or acqua?
What about throwing in some fabrics that are not from the range? Maybe some contrasting colours?

Edie Mindell

This quilt is so beautiful!! I say you have great talent when it comes to quilting; I think you should push it through.:-)


I wonder what this would look like with light grey instead of the light tan.

 Jean C.

I think your doing a great job on the quilt! Nothing like getting out of your comfort zone...hmmm?
Your points are wonderful and really the colors are really nice.
Keep up the good work.

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