Liberty winter top
In the kitchen

More Liberty

Townmouse will be at Mathilda's Market this Sunday at the Malvern Town Hall. In preparation I'm trimming some box pleat skirts with Liberty scraps. The skirts are trimmed in either a mixture of my favourite blue Liberty fabrics or pink.

Adelaide has been wearing a blue one of late and she's rather fond of it.


The fabric folder which holds my Liberty offcuts had grown to two.

Fabric folder

In addition to a storage box that holds larger remnants.

Liberty box

So I needed to do something with all that fabric. It felt good to reduce the amount I'm storing for a change. The two folders are now not bulging with scraps. It's rather cleansing.  I must do more of it.

Liberty stash

Kirsty from Kootoyoo has done something wonderful.  She's created a dedicated site for Our Creative Spaces, where you can share your link to your creative space.  Thanks Kirsty.



so pretty!


I will be in Melbourne at the weekend-they are a `must buy` for 3 granddaughters.....
What fabric are the `actual` skirts?- Just so gorgeous






Your fabrics always make me swoon. Enjoy the market , I know you will! x

little something

Neat and tidy ! That's what I should do with all the remnants I have ... or I should sew skirts like yours for my Adélaïde.


How gorgeous, Kristine. You might like to look at how I've been using my Liberty fabric lately ( Would you mind sharing where you buy yours? It's hard to find in Hobart so I've had to buy it via eBay UK. J x


I'm glad to see someone actually using her Liberty fabrics! I've had some of them for 30 years, and I'm still reluctant to cut into them! Here is a peak in my collection:


Lovely liberty scraps. That is a great way of using them, the skirts look very sweet.

All the best for the market on Sunday!


Mmmm. The skirt looks scrumptious! I'm sure they will all be snapped up very quickly. :)
What a great organisational idea!

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