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My kitchen helper

Sewing for sanity

I've pushed on with the kaleidoscope quilt and I'm liking it more as it gets bigger.

More blocks

It's been a busy, crappy week so these little blocks have been my therapy between dealing with less enjoyable projects. Like liaising with the builders next door who have done some damage to our property, placating sick and grumpy children, settling sibling disputes at 6am and washing vomit off bedlinen. Yes, it's been one of those weeks.  

A lowpoint was Henri appearing in the living room just as Kate and Will were about to say their vows last Friday, clutching his stomach and wimpering. He stood dangerously close to my teetering pile of clean laundry overflowing from the laundry basket (in the middle of the living room). Those 6 or more loads from our Easter holiday.

I managed to get him (almost) to the toilet before he was sick. So yes, as the wedding of the century unfolded I was on my knees in the loo with the pine-o-clean.

Quilt progress

Anyway, the quilt will have to wait as there are many other tasks on my list that I must get to today. When I find the time I'll be visiting these creative spaces via Kootoyoo.



Oh my goodness, your quilt is exquisite! I LOVE the colours and fabrics you have chosen, delicious!


Great quilt love the colours and great pattern too


that quilt is beautiful. and dont worry about missing the wedding for sick duty- it was no big deal!


Oh Kristine, what a week! I do hope that little Henri is alright now.
And that was a quick saving of your clean laundry. But the timing! Well, when Henri gets older you can tell him about the Royal Wedding and laugh about it.

The quilt looks beautiful, I like the way the white frames the colours as you make more blocks.

Take care


This is so pretty. I'm really loving seeing it progress over on flickr.
Andi x


Beautiful colors for a fabulous quilt! I love them!! Hope your little one is feeling much better. Thanks for sharing!


Oh, that's classic, right during the vows, isn't it always the way!
I love your quilt pattern :-)


Ah the glamour of motherhood... family life all starts with that dream of a wonderful white dress...

I rather wish I had a quilt to distract myself from my crappy week too. Yours is beautiful. A x


I love your wedding story. Just as Elton appeared with partner, my youngest decided to be challenging, and I got fed up and went to bed early. The best thing was the next morning I woke up early and turned on the tv wondering if there would be a replay and there was- just at the same Elton appearing time. I'm a republican, but somehow a girl just has to catch all that. I think sons just don't get it.


Oh Wow, commiserations! Vomiting small people is the worst, I always find it really quite worrying. Hope yours are feeling better now.
Your quilt top looks gorgeous, love your fabric choices.


Despite all your troubles you have obviously preserved your sanity by sewing that lovely Quilt- I really did feel for you reading that entry.You poor girl!


That quilt is just lovely and I think you've giving me the idea for some slicing from the first picture.

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