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Blogging from the snow, or lack thereof

Lots to do

We're off to the snow for the school holidays so I have lots to do in the next week to prepare.

Dressing gown Firstly I want to make new dressing gowns for each of the children.

The ones they are currently getting by in are far too small for them. Henri is the right size for the one Max still wears. I hope to whip up 4 of these sometime this week.  

This image is from the first Townmouse photoshoot.  The little girl pictured is now nearly 11 (and quite a fabulous tennis player).

Dressing gown fabric

I also have plans to do lots of cooking to take up the mountain.  Bolognese sauces, soups - food that hits the spot after a cold day on the slopes.

But right now I'm getting severely sidetracked by Farmer's Wife blocks.  My book still hasn't arrived so I'm sticking to the easier ones and getting by with the yahoo group resources.

FWS latest 3

I bought myself one of these last week.

Cutting board

It's a spinning cutting board; kind of like a "lazy Susan".  It's perfect for trimming down all the half square triangles in these blocks.  I'm having fun with it. (Picked up at my local Spotlight.)

I'd better go and prepare my shopping list for the market before Adelaide wakes up.



Wow, you are a whirlwind of activity!!
Have fun at the snow - we are melting here, yesterday we reached 40ºC. Needless to say, the pool is our new best friend.
Cheers, Rocío


I don't know how you get it all done. Soups and bolognese sound like heaven to me right now. By the way, I attempted my first block last night... will be checking out the yahoo group in just a moment... it was so hard trying to figure out the measurements on my own! Your blocks are perfect! of course. xo amy

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