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Old fashioned and good

There is a shop in Melbourne called "Step Back In Time".  It sells relics from former decades in the way of furniture and simple household implements.  Everything from watering cans to beautiful old jars for the pantry can be found there, with lots of interesting ephemera in between.

I dropped in there on Saturday, on the hunt for something else, and came away with this simple wooden clothes airer.

Airing rack

This is so much nicer than those awful plastic coated metal ones of today.

There was also a rather large set of wooden pigeon holes there.  It would be perfect for storing and displaying a considerable fabric stash.  This is the shop where I bought my smallish set of pigeon holes a few years ago.

When you're there, say hello to Archie the corgi who spends his days in the shop.  65 Burwood Road Hawthorn.



Sure, the clothes horse is nice ... but SO much nicer with those gorgeous items hanging from it!!


And I thought this was 'my' Melbourne find! I am so glad it's still there and in a month or two I can go back a browse for our new home. We bought our large and lovely dining table there (which we have lugged with us everywhere) Love your find - and please leave the pigeon holes for me!


He he! I have an identical clothes horse! I "borrowed' it from my mum & dad a few years back! Ah, actually, probably 10 years now! I have 3 clothes airers & a hanging rack in the laundry & can hang 2 big loads of washing at a time, without having to use the dryer! Love it! And the wooden one, it would have to be my fav!


I must have driven past that shop but never noticed it. I'll definitely have to look out for it next time I'm driving past. I love the quilt hanging on the airer. I have a few airers including a plastic coated metal one, my nemesis (it's always trying to collapse/ tip over)


Kristine, just gorgeous those dresses and the quilt. beautiful picture, makes me want to go to my local antique shop to see what I can find xo amy


Beautiful photo!
I always wondered if you finished that quilt:) Glad you did, it looks lovely.

gillian bunn

Reminds me of when I was a young girl and mum would put our clothes on it to 'air' after ironing. But, be careful if you put damp or wet garments onto the wood as it will stain. Love your blog xxx


perfect! I use my clothes dryer way too much because I can't stand the white ones inside my house or out! might need to hunt one down as I could definitely live with that in my house! great find!

Earthly Joyride

Thanks for the shop mention - I could do with a set of pigeon holes for my craft and arts stash! Beautiful dresses!

Jordan Femmes

Super cute! My little man would look so stylin' in those!

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