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I confess to feeling a bit out of sorts these last few months; just a bit and sometimes a lot meh, blah, unenthused. It's been a bit of a confusing time, trying to put my finger on just what it is that was making me feel this way. And you know what they say: "happy wife, happy life". Because I was feeling stressed and grumpy it rubbed off on the children and the whole thing just felt dysfunctional. My snappiness meant they were all tetchy. And Will, poor Will wasn't sure what was going on. His normally capable wife was losing the plot.

To cut a long story short, I waved the white flag and admitted I needed to do something. It wasn't just a holiday I needed. On the recommendation of a good girlfriend I booked myself into Gwinganna, an amazing health retreat in Queensland, where I did a week of detox.


I got back last night and I feel fantastic. It's quite incredible what a week of organic food can do for one's mood, skin and overall vitality. It was a revelation. I met some gorgeous girls. We laughed and cried together. There were some amazing experiences and it was, as they say, lifechanging.

I have returned with a focus on staying healthy and getting my little family healthy.  The pantry is getting an overhaul and we're going organic.  By a fortunate stroke of serendipity, one of the first blog posts I read after returning to civilisation was Jane's.  She had a muesli recipe.  This morning I made my first ever batch of organic muesli.  I followed Jane's recipe, but added puffed quinoa.  It's delicious and the children love it.


So there you go.  That's a little more than I would normally reveal on this little ol' blog. You probably weren't expecting that.

Now that I feel I've returned to my normal state of vim and vigour I have itchy fingers to get creative and productive again. With the lovely spring weather I can't wait to cut into some favourite Liberty.  A cute sundress for Adelaide is on the ToDo list.

Have you ever felt a bit blah?  What worked for you?



Congrats. I wanted to say sorry re yr business winding down, but I didn't think it my business. Also, at 40ish, our bodies change. Perhaps it's like puberty all over again. Good luck, and a shame yr business might go- but that's not my business. Soon you'll be having chooks in the garden like me!


Hi Kristine, I just went through a week long detox myself (inspired by Louise over at Table Tonic and because a few people in my immediate circle are in life threatening crisis). I was feeling pretty meh myself and after my detox, my fridge and pantry are in overhaul as well. Something in the air I think. All the best.


The number of Melburnians I know who have gone to Gwinganna is huge. I don't know any Queenslanders who've gone there which seems odd? Anyway, I'd LOVE to go to Gwinganna & do the detox. If you're ever after anything more hardcore, a girlfriend of mine went here Living Valley on Sunshine Coast..
Before I left Melbourne, I did a fructose malabsorption test & it was life changing. I was beginning to think all of my stomach cramps were stress & in my head. I know avoid onion like the plague & cannot tolerate one bit of soft drink.
I think I might try the muesli too! Looks yum.


Kris, sounds like a lovely week away!! Well done on waving the white flag, I have been there and done that with a great end result too. Every year I go away with the same group of six girls,we all waved the white flag at the same time 10 years ago!! We go somewhere relaxing and healthy and chill out, best thing I have ever done. The other best thing I have done for my health lately is giving up coffee and taking up running. I have never felt better. Amazing what healthy food and good exercise can do for the body. Thanks for the recommendation on Gwinganna, I certainly will put that forward to the girls for our next trip away. Take care xx


I'd love to have something to share, but must admit that I was keen for answers! The same deal really, I have felt quite despondent lately, particularly with my lack of motivation for doing anythng inspiring with my kids... instead I am often simply too tired. I think it is that life juggle of work, family, school and too many commitments. A change in diet would probably be a positive move for me as well. Thanks for sharing...


hi Kristine I am so glad you did something about your yucky feeling too often we just put up with it, and say 'oh I just need more sleep' or 'more exercise' or something when in fact what you need is a complete break so good on you. I must look into that place. Why are they all in Qld? Such a drag to get there.

I am also super pleased you like the muesli! I must make bigger batches because it only lasts a week, not enough. ....


Good on you for recognising it and dealing with it! It's not so easy sometimes!


good for you! so nice to take some time out - I must admit I just go shopping to feel better but am trying to eat better, more quinoa and wholefoods, less bread although I can't give up my toast and vegimite for breakfast and more vegies. the one thing though that I do love this year is that I joined the gym that has classes I love - I only get there twice a week but a good zumba and step class each week is making me feel better - I eat more than I burn off but it's definitely nice to get some time away from the little ones during the day!



Hi K, sorry I've just been reading lately and not posting. I wanted to write something supportive, something that sounded like I was half intelligent when you announced the windup of your business...but I too have been under this fog. I'm so happy for you that G has given you some clarity and the chance to recharge. I'm trying the more sleep option at the moment but especially after your experience am thinking this could be my best option too.
Thanks for sharing.


Good for you Kristine! We all go through those stages and once in a while we need to slow down and take care of our selves... we deserve it! Thanks for sharing... have a great day!


Kristine, it's a different world we live in today. Trying to do all and be all IS tiring and taking care of oneself is nothing one should have to feel sheepish about. Bravo! take good care xo amy


I too turned forty this year and have four children, nine through to two. I must be looking bad as my husband came home this week and SUGGESTED that maybe I should take a weekend at a health spa as he has never seen me looking so tired and sounding so blah! I must be looking pretty grim for him to notice!


Lucky you. I'd love to be able to indulge but sadly outside of my budget. I therefore have to take a more low key approach, trying to squeeze a little time for me from... somewhere. I need brain time, free thinking space, fresh air, indulgences like a pot of tea alone, all so rare and so wonderfully restorative - for me at least.

Jean C.

Yep... I used to "run away from home" a bit now and then when my kids were little. DH would come in the door, I would tell him what dinner was or we would eat... and I would head off to the fabric store! I didn't even need to spend any money... just getting out and about without the kids (all 4 of them) in tow made a big difference! As much as I love my family, I just needed to run away once in a while. If the kids would ask where I was going I would tell them I was running away from home... later on they would say... no.... your just going to the fabric store! Which as far as they were concerned I could do all by my self! LoL... it was great!

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