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Simple crochet hair accessory

Look how much Adelaide's ponytail has grown in 9 months.


I do like crocheting these little hair ties.

Crochet hair tie

They are a quick and easy project.  The pattern is Motif number 31 from this same book.  The hair elastics are from the supermarket and the yarn is a 3 ply cotton from Spotlight called Milford Soft.

I've found the most reliable way to attach them to the elastic is just to incorporate the elastic into the crochet in the first round.

Crochet hair tie back

Adelaide rather likes them but hates having her hair brushed. Who doesn't when hair is sticky and knotted with every bit of food eaten. That's why the hair ties are rather crucial at present.



Sigh, my little one just turned four this week and we are still struggling to get enough hair for a piny tail. I've made her so many pretty hair ties too.


It's so not fair all of these little girls with so much hair! I know 4 year olds that have more hair in a piggy tail than I can muster in a pony tail :-(
Love the hair ties though ;-)

So cute! Especially the grey one, very elegant!

Jane P

Hi thought you might be interested in one of these for adelaide... they are magic for tangles!!! my hairdresser swears by them!


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These hair catchers are very beautiful, and the thing i liked most in them they can be easily made at home its simple woven work.


I love the white and yellow crochet hair ties you made. The link to the pattern you gave is in a foreign language. Do you know if they have this in English? I would love to make my daughter some.

Thank you kindly.

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