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Vintage French Dress Form

This is my new dressmaking form.  

Buste de couturiere profile

Isn't she chic?  She's French and, from her shape, I'm guessing she's from the 50s or 60s.  

Buste de couturiere The brand is Juvenia Paris and she's a size 40.  I'm very excited to have found her.

I know in Australia what was a size 10 half a century ago is much smaller than today's size 10.  The human race has grown.

From the measurements on this form, I would guess the same can be said for France.  A French 38 to 40 is my size, but Juvenia is smaller than me.

That's OK though, because at least it means I can try the clothes I am making on this form.  

I have another dress form that I bought about 10 years ago. It too is vintage and in excellent condition - better than Juvenia.

But she's too big, my clothes don't fit her, so she's not much use from a dressmaking point of view. (Although she's been lovely as a prop in my sewing studio.)

So my old dressmaker's form is now for sale.  Her measurements are: bust 89cm, waist 71cm, hip 100cm. She is very sturdy, the base is detachable, you can adjust the height. The base and the top of the neck is a lovely dark coloured wood.  The fabric seems to be a very fine weave linen or linen/cotton blend.  There are no tears in the fabric.  There is some discolouration of the fabric. If any readers are interested in purchasing this lovely sewing prop, please leave an email or comment.

Update:  The dress form has now sold.


Maria Wilson

Hi Kristine - I am interested in the dressmakers form
if it;s still available.
Can you please let me know you were thinking $ wise.

Thanks Maria Wilson

Prerna Sethi

Hi there,

I am definitely interested in the dress form. Please let me know how much!



I just found this post while researching dressmakers forms. Can anyone recommend a good brand to buy? The ones in my local fabric store seem very flimsy. They certainly seem to be a significant investment.


Oh. I just the mannequin, She is gorgeous.


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