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October 2011

Another sundress


Dress for summer

If you're thinking you've seen this shot before on my blog, you're not far wrong.  This is the 2011 version of what is proving to be a favourite sundress style.

Dress sleeve detail

I've made the flutter sleeve a little bigger this time.  Adelaide is a year older and it seemed the sleeve pattern needed adjusting accordingly.

Dress detail

I like this hot red.  It's a colour I like to wear myself quite a bit.  It seems to suit Adelaide.  She has some red shoes and a hot red cardigan to go with it, so I know this outfit will be well worn by the end of summer.

Kyoto, beautiful Kyoto

We've been back from Japan for a while now.  There's never a dull moment round here.  Life has been busy - too busy to blog.

So I've been reflecting back on our very restful few days in Japan. This trip included an overnight stay in Kyoto, as Will had a meeting in Osaka (that involved him unwillingly belting out "I did it my way" in a karaoke bar in front of the senior executives of his client firm.  Unfortunately I didn't get to witness this miraculous event.)


Through the hotel we hired bicycles.  We love exploring cities by bike.  It's the best way to cover a lot of ground, and yet you can stop when you want to, to pop inside a shop or whip out your camera.

Kyoto combi

Just for fun, here's another mobile food van.  Have you ever seen a cuter Mr Whippy?  Kyoto was a perfect mix of lovely gardens and temples, and interesting streets full of intriguing little shops.  Will post more about the shops over on Japan Craft Journal.

A lazy Sunday in Tokyo

Will has come to Tokyo for a couple of meetings and I have joined him for a long weekend.  We have had a lovely time mooching around galleries, shopping districts and quirky streets - all punctuated by enjoyable meals.

Metabolism exhibition

Yesterday we visited the Mori museum in Roppongi Hills where there was a wonderful exhibition about the Metabolism Architectural movement.  There were some incredible building models - beautifully detailed in a way only the Japanese could manage. The boys would have loved them. There were some great 1950s videos screening throughout the exhibit of cool architects in their turtle necks describing their work while shrouded in cigarette smoke. Fabulous stuff.


Today we took the subway to the Museum of Contemporary Art.  The building was wonderful.

Under Mo+

You could seek the shade underneath the building where the shallow ponds reflected the sunlight onto the ceiling.  The little children there loved it, and the path to it with its waterfall.

Water wall

There are some beautiful public sculptures set amongst shady trees.

Public sculpture

We then headed to Omotesando to explore the little side streets.  The main street of Omotesando is a lineup of the worlds greatest fashion brands.  But the side streets are much more interesting - full of quirky little spaces.

Coffee to go

This van selling coffee was in the carpark of the Benetton Store, just metres off the main street.  The funny thing about this photo is that it was about 30 degrees and humid as can be. We were expiring in short sleeves, so this poor little dog would have been suffering for fashion.


Just further up the same street I found this sweet little shop in a very stylish building.  It was selling thousands of different types of chopsticks - mostly with a children's theme.  I got sets of chopsticks for the boys with the bullet train painted on them, and a laquer spoon for Adelaide with an animal painted in the bowl.


The presentation of the shops is rather quaint, with vintage furniture pieces or flea market finds used in the display.

Beauty salon

It's an interesting juxtaposition to the mega-brands in the main street.  It definitely makes Omotesando a fascinating place to have a poke around.  

We had lunch at Maisen, which is renowned for offering the best Tonkatsu in Tokyo.  Tonkatsu is pork deep fried in breadcrumbs and served with a barbeque style sauce. (That's the organic health retreat diet out the window.)  When in Rome...