A lazy Sunday in Tokyo
Another sundress

Kyoto, beautiful Kyoto

We've been back from Japan for a while now.  There's never a dull moment round here.  Life has been busy - too busy to blog.

So I've been reflecting back on our very restful few days in Japan. This trip included an overnight stay in Kyoto, as Will had a meeting in Osaka (that involved him unwillingly belting out "I did it my way" in a karaoke bar in front of the senior executives of his client firm.  Unfortunately I didn't get to witness this miraculous event.)


Through the hotel we hired bicycles.  We love exploring cities by bike.  It's the best way to cover a lot of ground, and yet you can stop when you want to, to pop inside a shop or whip out your camera.

Kyoto combi

Just for fun, here's another mobile food van.  Have you ever seen a cuter Mr Whippy?  Kyoto was a perfect mix of lovely gardens and temples, and interesting streets full of intriguing little shops.  Will post more about the shops over on Japan Craft Journal.


Sam Kimura

Kyoto seems to be the place where even Japanese sometimes feel like visiting to get our identity back to us. For your reference, there are many "little Kyotos" in Japan.
Kamakura (near Yokohama), Kanazawa (on the coast of Japan Sea), Hagi (southern part of Japan), etc..

Aunt Spicy

hello! i am so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find yours! I am just loving your fabric choices and all your pictures! Enjoy your long weekend in Japan!

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