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Green Smoothies

Since returning from Gwinganna in mid September I've changed my diet quite significantly.  This is partly necessity, and partly because I felt so healthy I wanted to keep feeling that way.

Necessity because I was told that my liver is/was quite fatigued.  Worn out trying to process the foods I'm intolerant to; like dairy, and sugar-rich foods.  (And I don't even drink - how sad is that?)

As well as switching to an organic diet I've cut out gluten entirely.  By removing bread from my daily ritual of breakfast it also removes other bad stuff like butter, vegemite, and jam - all things my body gets angry about.  But probably the best thing I've discovered is this:

Green smoothie

Green smoothies seem to be part of my personal zeitgeist at the moment.  They keep coming across my path from unexpected sources.  Gwyneth's talking about them, a friend of mine who doesn't have a particularly healthy lifestyle talked about The Raw Food Family.  And the subject has been popping up on various blogs that aren't always health related.  

In answer to your question Jane, here's a raw treat I can recommend.  I have this for lunch most days.

Blend (don't juice) 3 kale leaves with an orange, some ginger, a kiwifruit, fresh pineapple and a cup of water. This kale smoothie tastes like a fruit drink, but has the goodness and fiber of the kale.  

These must be good for weight loss too.  On the days I have a green smoothie, I'm always lighter on the scales the next morning, even though what I've eaten the rest of the day varies.  It's filling and you don't feel hungry for hours afterwards.

Corrie, you might like to give this a whirl in your Thermomix. It might be the more healthy, wholesome answer you've been seeking.  You can even get a Green Smoothie app for your iPhone.



Sounds delicious Kris Can't say it looks that scrumptious though!

We had kale for supper tonight but I thought it would be the last time I'd see it this year. I bought it last from the Kingston Farmers' market.

Where have you found it recently, because it's not the most popular of vegies after all is it? I love it though.


hi Kris

Yes am on to these in a major way every day for breakfast as OJ substitute because of the no sugar thing. I put in pear apple banana plus celery cos spinach and kale. Cannot believe how good I feel. And cannot believe that kale can taste so good raw. I was using a stick blender to do it but gave up and bought a vitaliser - (Kitchen Aid one, not Vitamix by god they are expensive).



Yup, I've been having these for the past month now and feel amazing. I also toss in a dessertspoon each of sunflower and linseeds for protein and omega and it keeps me full until lunchtime, whereas my previous breakfast of toast and coffee had my stomach rumbling by 9.30am! I've also got greens growing in the garden so I know there are no nasty sprays on them. I'd love to hear about any other healthy changes you are making because I'm having a bit of a lifestyle makeover :)


I will definitely try the green smoothies... kiwifruits and pineapples are my favorite fruits! It does looks delicious!


I've been trying to cut down on the carbs for some time now. But bread, oh bread, how I love it especially at brekkie time !! I do try and stick with the locally produced wholegrain ones though.

My friend went to Gwinganna a couple of times and loved it also...


I am so excited that you've found green smoothies! I've had one a day for over a year now and absolutely crave if I miss for any reason. I'm a baby spinach gal, and when I dive into the box to fill my bag there isn't much left for the next shopper! My smoothie is stuffing my big blender full of spinach, 4 handfuls of frozen raspberries and a scoop of protein powder and some water. I need to be brave and give kale a try.


Kris, speaking about Gwyneth Paltrow and green smoothies, I recently purchased her book, My Father's Daughter, a book with delicious easy and healthy recipes celebrating family and togetherness. The recipes are extremely healthy and its all about how changing her diet changed her life. A great investment!! xx


It sounds delicious! Must try it for breakfast, as my morning tea and toast does not carry me till lunch time.
Thank you!!


mmmmmm now you lost me at kale then you got me back when you said it tastes like a fruit drink! I need to give this a go - I will report back!



Just made my first green smoothie, although yours looks greener, perhaps I need to add more kale!

Surprisingly tasty, think i will try & keep them up.

Thanks for the tip x

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