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Liberty quilt blocks

I've never been a huge fan of Liberty in quilts strangely enough.  But when I saw the cute little Liberty blocks from Film in the Fridge I fell in love.  With no shortage of Liberty offcuts it seemed like a must that I give these a go myself.

And so I did.

Liberty crosses

I think I'll make a simple doll quilt for Adelaide.  Something quick and easy.  I already have enough of these little blocks to make a doll sized quilt.

Liberty crosses in a pile

Just another Christmas deadline.  But for now, I'm off to make up a pile of creche bags that my customers are patiently waiting for.



Cannot wait to see the finished quilt!!

Heidi B

Very sweet. I think you're right and that liberty won't work on quilts due to its small scale pattern. You never see a furnishing fabric with such a small scale print on it for that reason. It does look lovely as the little bands on the quilt blocks as you've done.

I have also been meaning to thank you so very much for the beautiful creche bag you made for me. I gave it to Eliza last weekend (my God daughter), and her mother just loved it. I had filled it with goodies for her first Christmas present and it was a much appreciated gift.

Tina Rubie

Kristine... you seriously must have the patience of a saint to make those beautiful squares!! I can't wait to see the finished quilt (no pressure!). ~ x


You constantly amaze me - your patience is reaching epic proportions.


Quite simply adorable, Kristine ... I think this is appliqued?

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