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Liberty quilt blocks

More Liberty sundresses

It's official.  I have an all-time favourite Liberty.

Sundress detail

This Liberty in the Tatum print has enough pink to satisfy Adelaide, and enough blue to keep me very happy.  So a win-win, which is why I have another few metres of it in transit from the UK as I type.


This dress is a Townmouse pattern from the last few summers. (You can pick it up on sale in other fabrics here.)

This is my contribution to Adelaide's summer wardrobe so far.

Summer wardrobe

Let's see, there's this linen sundress from a few ranges back.  I kept the sample that my little muse wore in the photograph. There's yesterday's flutter top, a sundress with flutter sleeves from a few weeks back, a wrap skirt and coordinating t-shirt; and there's even a pair of Oliver + S Puppetshow Bloomers hiding at the back in a blue spotted fabric.

O+S Bloomers

There they are.

I must say, it is so lovely to have reduced my workload this year. This is why I wanted to be able to free up some time - to enjoy sewing for my children before they are too grown up to appreciate what I make. Please excuse me if I overload you with frivolous Liberty creations. There's a lot of pent-up sewing in me that needs to come out. (There's also a sizeable Liberty stash that needs decreasing.)

I even made something for myself last night.  That will have to wait for another post as I haven't hemmed it yet.


Amellia Grosser

I love seeing your Liberty creations. The dress is just gorgeous. What a beautiful wardrobe Adelaide has. Tatum is one of my favourite prints. I have it in most colours, but I haven't seen the blue and pink. May I ask where you purchase it from?



Overload me!! I love a little touch of Liberty in my life. When I lived in London I'd often pop into their beautiful Regent St store just to feel the fabrics.

Heidi B

I too have an addiction to Liberty, and it is my definite weakness in my daughter's wardrobe. I have an order of Tatum in the aqua on its way to me to make up a set of nap time linen for my daughter's start at ELC next year. I haven't seen it in the colourway you have used, which would definitely have suited her with all its pink! Just beautiful clothes you have made for Adelaide - she is a lucky girl.


J'aime beaucoup, bon été austral!!


Brown Tatum is so far my favorite print too, and your works are always so pretty, it's really a pleasure to come here (and enjoy the weather, we're almost waiting for snow here...)


Wow, Adelaide is a lucky little girl!!
That Tatum print is gorgeous indeed. It is also one of my favourites. I am also partial to Mirabelle and Wiltshire.




Never too much Liberty Kris!

Glad you are enjoying your new found time too.

Christine xo


Absolutely beautiful! I'm also curious where you found that colour way - I usually order from Shaukat but I don't think they have that version.

Anne Marie

Love, lovely, and lovelier creations and fabrics!

So happy we can still se your creations even if they are not for sale. And happy for you that you can enjoy your sewing.

Where in UK do you get your Liberty's from?


What a gorgeous, breezy, feminine wardrobe you've created...Miss Adelaide will be one stylish girl this summer! And you are absolutely correct to sew all you can while she's still young enough to love your clothes -- my girl is eleven now, and sadly would rather have the latest trendy stuff from the mall than Mom's homemade offerings.

I, too, love to see what you're doing with those lovely Liberty fabrics! Post away! :)


Beautiful work! I'm in the process of sewing some Liberty summer clothes for my own little A. Just wish I could find some more time to be as productive as you have been!


ahhh liberty for little girl dresses....gorgeous!


Me thinks the boys are missing out on Mum's sewing skills lately! (Gorgeous as always Kris)

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