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I think I might have found a treasure this morning. What do you think?

Trash or treasure

It's hard waste collection in Hawthorn at the moment, which means people put their unwanted items in front of their houses for collection by council. Usually it's a lot of old junk like broken TVs, faded children's play equipment and the like.  

Call me crazy, but I think this has potential.  It's sturdy, a cute size, and would look right at home on the shady deck of a beach house (not that we have one of those).  Can you picture it?  Painted a lighter shade with some fabulous upholstered cushion on it.

I found myself standing next to this piece with the boot of my car open, thinking, "Should I, or shouldn't I".  I thought, "No, the last thing I need is a project like this."  And then I thought, "Salvation Jane wouldn't leave a find like this on the sidewalk." I drove away, then immediately turned around and came back for it.  It's now in our garage and I'm wondering who can do it up for me (because it's not a job I feel I could do justice to).

Cane sofa

The question is, what colour should I paint it?  I'd love your thoughts.



It is absolutely a treasure! I think it has a simple yet elegant shape... painted in a lighter shade would look gorgeous but you can also go dark and apply a rich chocolate brown stain... which always gives you the possibility of choosing a wide variety of color fabric and pattern and for sure you will get a fabulous result!


It's wonderful! You can paint it white if you want to play safe, then make a fun cushion if it's for children's playroom, or a classic cushion if it's for you guys.

But I think bright yellow or other bold colors will be exciting for your kids.



Hi Kristine,what a fab find. I think it would look great in black. Have a look at this blog for some inspiration good luck with your choice.


Hi Kristine, treasure indeed! I would choose the fabric first and then decide on what colour to paint. I'm seeing dove grey, or charcoal grey, or even indigo blue... but it all depends on the fabric. What a fun project!

It's hard waste around my area too and I've seen some interesting stuff but I just don't need anymore furniture. Oooh missed opportunities!

Dolores @ A Labour of Love


My sister-in-law had a pair of really cool cane armchairs restored (sort of club shape). They are now a honey cane colour not painted, they are really comfortable and look great in her dining/living room. I just put a photo on my Flickr page for you to see:



Great find - gotta love hard rubbish season! I'm interested to see how your restoration goes.


I would suggest playing 'safe' with maybe an off white (farrow and Ball paint - if it's available in Australia)and jazz it up with funky cushions using Amy Butler fabric. Enjoy your project x


Wow Kristine, what a find! It has lovely lines.

I think white or grey, as they are quite neutral colours, and you can jazz it up with the cushions


Omg K, I think I found a sort of matching chair!! I too had a good 'hardrubbish' this year and have posted about it.
I've painted mine black gloss, but white or yellow or turquoise would be right on trend. will have you drooling



Oh, and email me for a good source for foam cushions. I recently shopped around for my bed head.

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