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Real Estate Dreaming

We will be house hunting in earnest next year. We are 6 people living in a 3 bedroom house. I still love our house.  It's my dream house and I'd be happy to never leave.  But the reality is, it is getting a little tight.

I'm not really looking forward to the looking.  Our current house took us three years to find.  Will and I were at odds about what we wanted.  He didn't like our house on first viewing.  It took a lot of persuading to get him over the line.  

Towers Rd

If you don't put an upper price limit on your online real estate searching, houses like the one above pop up in the results. Isn't it picture perfect? And that's just the back of the house. Many would argue that it is the best house in Melbourne. It really is exceptionally pretty. Just a modest shack that will only set you back around $28 million. Go take a peak.

Kinkora Rd

But if I could have my pick of all the houses currently for sale in Melbourne, it would be this one. It's pretty, classic, understated.  It's in a great street, close to the tramline that takes the boys to school and a short walk to shops.  To me it's a no-brainer, a sensible and realistic move. I'd enlist the help of this clever woman, the mother of Max's school friend, to give the house a classic contemporary update. Do you think I can get Will remotely interested?  Nup, naddah, not a whiff of interest.

2012 will be an interesting year.



I'm looking too but probably for the size of house you're now in as there are only four of us. I did like the decor in that Kinkora Rd house too - quite traditional yet timeless... I know one is supposed to ignore all that. Have a look at No 1 Harcourt - lots of space there. Too much in fact. Although you'd have people to vacuum...


I see what you mean now Kris - that is divine - Will is a crazy man and we need to work on him so I can visit you here.


Good luck in your search!
The house is gorgeous indeed...


There were several exclamations coming from my mouth when viewing the first house. But then seeing the second one it seems perfect. It's amazing and if I ever were in a position to 'settle' for that house I would never wish to leave! There is such a thing as too much space as there is too little (in reference to the first house).

How on earth can Will not be interested?

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