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Shirt dresses

I love a shirt dress.  I have a few in my wardrobe and I wear them a lot in summer.

Shirtwaist dress

This is my favourite.  It's classic and comfortable.

Shirtwaist profile

I'd like to try replicating it; maybe in a blue shirting stripe with self tie belt.  I've gathered a few patterns, including this one, which I plan to modify to get a similar look to above.

Jump rope

And speaking of shirt dresses, here is Adelaide wearing hers - the Jump Rope Dress from Oliver + S.  This is such a cute pattern.  I will definitely have to find the time to make another one of these.



Love your shirt dress. If it was mine I think I'd call it "Audrey"....

Sam Kimura

When Japanese ladies stop wearing the shirt dress like this. My wife, Mary put pink stripe shirt dress when she met my parents for the first time. It was beautiful.
Clothes represent, I think, one's mind or attitude toward his or her life.


I've had my eye on the Jump Rope Dress for a while, although it looks trickier than anything I've sewn before. Sadly it seems to be out of print at the moment. Your shirt dress looks lovely, too.


Shirt dresses are the most comfortable thing ever, and that one is gorgeous (I love the stripy belt!)

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