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Thomas Paul tray

I really love the work of Thomas Paul, particularly his melamine trays and plates.


I bought this tray a few months ago, when I was having my girlfriends over for bridge lessons.  It proved to be a handy drinks tray.

Tray in kitchen

When not being used it lives here, on the kitchen bench.  This bench is not always tidy.  That little corner there is where the pesky pile of paperwork seems to gather - you know - the school notices and stuff you bring in from the car.  And when I tidy this little corner of the kitchen it somehow feels like the house is disproportionately more organised and under control.  

I think the tray fits in well here. Oh, and I've since worked out that it's actually upside down in this shot.



Love it. I think that looks like it came from Emporia Botanica one of my favourite shops.

Love your neat corner. It actually looks like a black and white photo!



Looks like a very tidy corner to me!!

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