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When I was in Tokyo I bought this for Adelaide.

Collar for Adelaide

I get very sad when Adelaide grows out of the little dresses I adore.  I figured this is something she can wear no matter what size she is.  I found it in the children's wear department at Takashimaya.


And then I thought, well I can wear this too if it's not size dependent.  I think it looks rather cute with my trusty old favourite Scanlan knit.

Collar detail

I'm sure if I'd bought this in the women's wear department it would have cost 5 times the price.  We're both rather happy with this purchase. I just didn't think I'd be sharing clothes with my daughter so soon.



Beautiful! Very cute for Adelaide and super stylish for you to wear!


Groovy!!! And it looks great with your cardigan.

I will be needing something like that soon, as we approach colder weather. Not sure I would want to share it with my 5 year old though (strange sticky pink things have been known to get stuck on her clothes on occasions...)

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