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Distracting quilt inspiration

I have been rather taken by this vintage quilt.  I love the sharpness of the fabric choices - citrus yellows teamed with bright blues.

Star quilt squares

I've been so distracted by it in fact, that I felt compelled to replicate it.

Star quilt pieces

I pulled some random fabrics from my stash.  There's a bit of Hope Valley and Picnic and Fairgrounds, a bit of Loulouthi and Little Folks, a Kumari Garden, as well as various dots and spots.

Star quilt detail

I rather like the way it has come together.  I think the scale of my triangles is bigger than the original quilt.  I'm not exactly sure how the stars come together in that quilt.  So I think I'll make a few more and see how I feel about it.

Star quilt

What's your favourite shape for piecing?  I think mine is definitely the triangle.  I've created a gallery on flickr to try to narrow down my absolute favourite quilt using the humble triangle.  There are so many end results.


Amellia Grosser

Your star and the colours are stunning!


Amy (badskirt)

Love the colours you picked. The deeper blues really make it pop, and you chose just the right number of prints. Aces!


Absolutely gorgeous!!!You are a star Kristine!!!

I am just finishing the binding on my first ever quilt - a very simple numbre and with many mistakes in it, but all in all, I am very happy with the outcome. This could be the beginning of a new found love!!!


Beautiful - I love yellow and blue too. I would never have picked this pattern but your version of it is stunning.

These are my favourite quilts http://www.flickr.com/photos/22042701@N06/favorites/

I'm not sure about my favourite shape to piece - I was going to write about that in my next blogpost. I think it's the square. Postage stamp quilts are big in my favourits, nine patches, four patches - I love them.


this is coming along beautifully!


Gorgeous fabrics. I've only just started quilting but I like the triangle, too. Very versatile.

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise

It's beautiful! I love stars that are made up from smaller pieces. I'm sure there's a technical word for it that sounds far more elegant!


This is so beautiful, Kristine. They're my favourite quilting colours too. Half square triangles offer so many possibilities. don't they?


Your sewing is impeccable Kristine! Congratulations!


Wow! That star looks amazing.

I don't have a favourite shape for piecing yet but I've been thinking about this quilt a lot...


I've never pieced triangles before so it might be fun (or frustrating!) to try.



Clare @ A Home In The Highlands

Just found this quilt on Flickr via explore. I agree that half square triangles are incredibly versatile and your gallery has given me some inspiration for new layouts!

Katia B

I just love half square triangles too. I have just assembled a top of HST from a swap. just any color. I just played with walue; it was challenging to figure something pleasing to the eye with all tose scraps. love your colors and this pattern

Hitch & Thread

Gorgeous and inspirational.

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