A Christmas dress
One more Liberty sundress

Liberty doll quilt

Adelaide is receiving mostly hand-made gifts this year.  So much so, that Santa has very little to give her at this point.  

Doll quilt detail

I finished the little doll quilt with Liberty crosses the other day.  It was very quick to whip up, being so small.

Adelaide has taken to tucking her doll up in her old bassinet blankets in a moses basket.  The basket is then put on the floor next to her cot.  It's very sweet to watch.

Doll quilt

Let's hope she approves of this and it gets included in dolly's bedding.



Absolutely beautiful! On the off chance Adelaide doesn't take to it I know of another 2 1/2 yr old who would love it.... ;-)

Amellia Grosser

Absolutely beautiful also! I love using Liberty in quilts so will be trying this pattern. I think homemade gifts are very special. My daughter has the Liberty dolls quilt my Mum made me. I am so enjoying all your crafting.
We enjoyed the final of "The Hour" last night. So pleased they are going to do a second season.


THat is stunning Kris ! Ava would adore that as well !


it's turned out so beautifully! love the hand quilting and narrow binding ...


I love the texture of this.


I am sure it will be put to use straight away.


That is beautiful, Kristine. You have such a wonderful eye for these things.

Heidi B

So pretty - I'm sure Adelaide will love it. And I also love the dress you made in your previous post. It is just adorable with her little red shoes. Have a lovely Christmas.

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