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Sewing plackets

I'm not sure why, but I love sewing plackets.  


There's something about cutting right through the middle of your garment, and then putting a neat little placket over the top to make it alright again.

Placket detail

They're fiddly, and require patience.  I use Liesl's excellent instructions from her Jump Rope Dress (as my own patterns come without instructions).


I'm not sure if this is a nightie or a dress.  It is inspired by this top.  I will have to wait to see it on Adelaide before I decide.

Nightie detail

I'm not that happy with the sleeves.  I think I'll have to redraft them so they go all the way around the armhole - more like the top that inspired this one.  I'm not very good at drafting sleeves.  I might have to drag out an old patternmaking book for a bit of guidance.

Until I perfect the sleeve, I can see this is going to be a nightie.  

Oh, and the fabric is a Lecien print from the "Princess Rose" collection.

See more creative endeavours over here.




It's lovely. I think the sleeves look great - I think this would make a lovely nightie :)


It is just lovely. I know how you feel about the sleeves, I am terrible at drafting sleeve patterns. I think they look great though. We are always our own toughest critics!


How very sweet! It looks like a special nightie indeed. :)


Nightie or dress, it is very sweet.


your plackets look so neat and nice! i don't really like sewing them... maybe i just don't know the right technique... your dress (or nightie) turned out beautiful! :)

Cyndy @ Wombat's Picnic

It's lovely! Wish I had your patience with plackets, guessing that means fiddly is not my thing:) Cyndy


Adorable! Such a beautiful dress! Congratulations Kristine...

harmony and rosie

It's absolutely lovely and beautiful fabric too.


I love plackets too. I haven't made one for years. I remember the thrill of learning to sew right up to the corner of that cut, back when I was in high school. Funny what we get satisfaction out of, no?


I hate plackets - I try to avoid them if possible.
But you are a master at "placketology" Kristine!! Yours are so neat!!
Adelaide will love it, whether it be dress or nightgown.


Ah! and now I know what a placket is!!


That is far too pretty to be a nightie - it deserves to be paraded outside in daylight! Gorgeous fabric.

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