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Rural escape

We have just spent the weekend at a rather pretty country house.


This property was bought last year by an overseas business colleague of Will's.  Will is helping with the management of the property - putting staff in place to run the farming side of the business, and ensuring that the house and garden are in good care while the owners are overseas.


The gardens are spectacular in a "Wow that's stunning.  I'm glad it's not mine to maintain" kind of way.


These espaliered trees were a rather impressive sight.


We stayed in the stables, which have been converted into further accommodation; and very comfortable accommodation at that.


Most importantly, there were yabbies in the dam, a pretty river running through the back of the property, and a farm 4WD to explore the paddocks on.  The boys weren't swayed by the showy garden, but they can't wait to go back with yabbie bait next time.


annies abode

lucky you - what a wonderful place


Looks like Paul Bangay has been at work there & agree ... nice to look at & walk through but not fun to maintain for me. Would this property be down on the Bellarine Peninsula? It looks familiar from a real estate listing.


Now that I've just noticed the hyperlink in your first paragraph, I now also know the answer to my questions ;-) That's what you get for being a "skimmer" when reading.

Melissa @ Hilltop Hausfrau

Isn't it lovely to discover new luxury...even if it isn't quite yours?...

The grounds here look lovely. I'm sure you stored your batteries aplenty whilst there...


That is beautiful! What a lovely, peaceful place, looks like a wonderful getaway.


what a beautiful place!!


Oh, what a stunning place!! Some areas remind me of the romantic European gardens. Beautiful indeed.


Awesome. It's so nice to have places to escape to! Even better if you don't have to pay for them!

Jean C.

I agree with the others... beautiful,
and I'm assuming that a "yabbies" is some sort of fish? I can bet if they are, the boys want to get back there quick!


When I saw the espaliered trees, it reminded me so much of a lovely Edna Walling garden, with espaliered limes...
I found your site today when searching for 'pattern inspiration' - loved all the beautiful clothes in your shop! Will have to share the link with my mother (who lives in Melbourne) next time she is asking for suggestions for presents for the children...

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