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Simple crochet scarf

There was plenty of down-time at Three Hummock Island in the evenings.  While the family chilled out in front of the fire my fingers were busy making this.

Crochet scarf

It's a very simple pattern, inspired by this image.  The pattern for which can be found in this book.

I didn't have the pattern so just winged it.  Three chain, one double crochet/treble crochet, three chain, etc.

Crochet scarf 1

I found some cute little badges for Adelaide at the Red Hill Market on Easter Saturday.  It helps make the scarf a little more interesting.

The yarn was a Rowan Amy Butler wool cotton blend.  I think it would be more cuddly in a pure wool or cashmere. But this was all I had on hand when we quickly packed to go away.  Perhaps another one is in my future.



that is gorgeous Kris - I miss you, do we have a date on Thursday night??


Adelaide is looking very stylish, just like her mum.


I am teaching my 7-yr old Granddaughter to crochet and I think she is almost ready to try this, she can chain and DC (barely but she is getting better with practice!)

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