Finished Tide Pool Quilt
Free motion quilting practice

Finished Ribbon Quilt

Finishing a quilt was such a good feeling, I was inspired to finish another.


This quilt is from way back.  I started it years ago.


I call it the ribbon quilt as the background fabric looks like a ribbon running through the blocks.


The Purl Bee did a cute version and called it the Masking Tape Quilt.


Most of the fabrics in it have been in my stash for 15 to 20 years; back in the days when I was drawn more to antique quilts and reproduction fabrics.


The quilt isn't that large (I ran out of the background fabric). It's cot quilt size.


It will be more at home at our place at the snow, where the interior has red touches.  This can sit over the back of the red armchair there (yes, red chair, a la Graham Norton). An old print from our first house has gone there, which has the same muddy reds and yellows in it.


I think it will all hang together quite well.

Now, which quilt will I finish next?  I must make the most of this momentum.


Amellia Grosser

It is a beautiful quilt. I love the pattern. You are inspiring me.

Heidi B

I love the colours of that quilt - it will look perfect at the snow. I think Winter weather is definitely conducive to crafts, and a great motivator to get projects finished. I'm trying to finish a tapestry that I bought in London.....when I lived there 13 years ago! It gets a bit boring just doing the background, but hopefully a few nights in front of the fire will get me there!


That quilt is beautiful !

Cheap Dunk

Verry useull info, thanks.


What a beautiful quilt. Lovely colours.

Beautiful quilt!


Super cute! love the colors.


You are indeed on a roll!
It is beautiful Kristine, and it will look great on your red armchair.
I like the colour of the background fabric - it looks like a kind of very light sand colour.


The navy and white feathered star! No, I have a feeling that's not on your to do list, looks like you're into speed at the moment. Good for you. I wish I could get some quilts finished.


wow, you are so good at it! i have been inspired by following you on Pinterest but now i am surprised seeing you are making so beautiful everything! omg! good luck in you life and business!

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