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Finished Tide Pool Quilt

Quick quilting project

Recently I've moved my many thousands of family photos onto an external hard drive.  My previous external hard drive hit the floor that many times that it started to really falter.


Family photos are too precious to lose, so I decided to satisfy a sewing urge and whip up a simple protective pouch for it.


I decided to put a buttonhole at the top so it can remain closed even while in use.


I just plug it in through the buttonhole.  Now if it gets knocked off the table the photos aren't lost.


One of Adelaide's hair elastics, stitched into the binding, serves as a button loop.



Very cute!:)


How lovely! Nice way to disguise tech stuff too. I've never seen a removable hard drive look so good.


How beautiful Kristine! Love the colors you used!


What a great idea Kristine! It looks lovely.
Yes, elastic hairbands come to the rescue in our place too!


I've been very particular about backing up my photos to an external hard drive since an unfortunate incident involving a pool and a camera. Your external hard drive looks very stylish. Mine is wrapped in a batting off-cut tied with string.

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