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Another Liberty girl's top

Adelaide is getting so tall now I've had to make this top in the next size up from the last one.


I bought this Liberty fabric in the haberdashery department of Le Bon Marche in Paris last year.  (I love it that a high end department store in Paris still has a haberdashery department - heaven.)


The top is another repeat of my much used favourite Townmouse pattern.  Sewing that neckband is fiddly and not particularly enjoyable.  This pattern comes together a lot slower than some of my others, but the finished product makes it worth it.


This fabric looks sweet with navy, so a navy cardi and navy Mary Jane Start Rites complete the look.


Heidi B

She just looks gorgeous in it. I'm such a sucker for Liberty print. Eloise still fits into a little blue liberty print version of this shirt I bought from you last year - it is one of my favourites as it dresses up jeans really nicely, as well as looking so sweet with a little navy cord skirt.


Gorgeous: both the blouse and the model.
They do grow up fast, don't they?


Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest top! I love the fabric you chose. Plus your little girl probably makes everything look cute :-)

Beautiful! Both the top and the wearer! Love haberdashery departments, in fact I am hoping to go to one tomorrow, fingers crossed they have Liberty too!

Ana Sofia

I don't think you could sew anything less than perfect (even if you try it).
Have you ever thought about making your patterns available? I am sure there's a gap in the market for this sort of timeless/classic clothes for kids (only some French companies like Citronille and a few more).


Beautiful! This sounds like yet another reason I need to go to Paris. :) I love the print and blouse, very sweet for a little girl. Found you through S is for Sewing- will have to have a poke around, as your blog looks lovely!

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