Rearranging the studio
A 'very me' quilt

So, this is our table

Who would have thought a new table would make us all so happy.


It took a little bit of getting used to.  Anything new and different in a space takes a bit of adjusting to. Henri and Adelaide immediately wanted to get out their paper and pencils and do some colouring.

When we sat down to a family dinner last night we all loved it. We all raved about how good the new table is - even the children.  Spaces and objects that bring family together are so important in a house.

This morning I dropped into the florist and found these interesting branches with little rust coloured buds on them - the perfect colours for the space.  The table top is so large compared to our old one that I felt it needed something on it, and something a little more contemporary at that.  It will all be good until one of the children snags a branch and my laptop gets drenched....


Heidi B

Oh I love your new table! It looks fantastic. I hope you have better luck with the Eames eiffel chairs than we have had though - we've had three snap clean through the back from people leaning back on them. Ours are the fibreglass chairs, rather than the Polypropolene though, so they are possibly more brittle than yours.


Love the table and chairs, really suits the room.

Amellia Grosser

Lovely table. I have enjoyed seeing you do a bit of re-organising. You have such a lovely home.
Enjoy the school holidays. I have one child on holidays and one at school still. Can't wait until both at home- the mornings are becoming hard work!


Very nice table. Love the design of the legs.


great taste kris!

we have been looking for a new table and chairs (those chairs infact) and a very similar table!

Sharm's outlet

Lovely table I am sure you will love the family time... this reminds me to clear the table top in our dining room...


I love it! And the photo is fantastic, mind if I pin it in Pinterest for my autumn board?

harmony and rosie

It's a lovely table, I love that the chair legs are almost the same. Such a great photo.


It looks great Kristine - I very much like the colour...and the legs :)
Great to see all the changes in your studio too!
Enjoy the winter holidays. We have just started the school summer holidays today, but I seem to be busier than ever (what busy social lives children have, goodness....)


gorgeous Kris - but oh my god where is the old table - I was so in love with that one and secretly coveted it for years

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