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Grosgrain lanyards

One of the lovely things about taking the family skiing is that the children have a lot of freedom at Mt Buller.  It's a safe place for them to get around without us having to escort them. The boys will walk to a friends lodge, ski in groups with their buddies after their lessons, and come and go on their own.


They each take a key to the apartment when they head out for the day.

Whenever Will comes home from a conference or event with one of those lanyards I keep the clip and throw away the cheap ribbon.

I've just rifled through my box of ribbons and made these up for the weekend.  The pink one is for me.  I figured there will always be a key for me if it's on a pink ribbon - the boys aren't going to wear that around their neck.



Kristine they are quite beautiful. So clever. I went to an Italian Chamber of Commerce thing once and they gave me a tiny USB stick on a grosgrain lanyard thing with the Italian flag colours in narrow White Red Green stripes. So stylish. Only the Italians would bother making something like that so nice.

Hope you are loving Buller. Have not been there for years.


is there much snow this season?


Lovely. Definitely more stylish than a conference lanyard. I might have a go at some of our lanyards that have been accumulating in a drawer.

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This is lovely....


Hi Kristine
i love your beutiful blog, your job and wonderful family!
un saluto dall'Italia


Lovely idea, I actually do the same but they don't look as beautiful as yours! I love your blog and the pictures you share. Greetings from France. Gwen

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