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Down Under Doll Quilt Swap Round 3

Round three of the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap is on.  And a doll sized quilt is perfect for me right now, as term 3 is a busy time for us.


Here is my inspiration mosaic - to give my partner an idea of what I like.  No real common theme here, so probably not that helpful for her.  But in reality, anything would be divine.

So I'm off to study my partner's blog and flickr feed and faves to get some ideas forming for what I might make.  Fun, fun.

Grosgrain lanyards

One of the lovely things about taking the family skiing is that the children have a lot of freedom at Mt Buller.  It's a safe place for them to get around without us having to escort them. The boys will walk to a friends lodge, ski in groups with their buddies after their lessons, and come and go on their own.


They each take a key to the apartment when they head out for the day.

Whenever Will comes home from a conference or event with one of those lanyards I keep the clip and throw away the cheap ribbon.

I've just rifled through my box of ribbons and made these up for the weekend.  The pink one is for me.  I figured there will always be a key for me if it's on a pink ribbon - the boys aren't going to wear that around their neck.

A 'very me' quilt

I'm blogging from the snow.  We are here for 17 days and I didn't bring any sewing or craft with me.  I am missing the stitching and handling of fabric.  There is a lot of down time here.  All the children are occupied in lessons each day. (Adelaide came home from her lesson today with a "Level 2" badge she is very proud of.  She has graduated from her beginner class which means she has mastered the snow plough. She gave the badge a little kiss as she snuggled into bed for her day sleep.)


We adults generally ski in the mornings and then come indoors at lunchtime.  The family is benefitting from my lack of craft distractions with yummy dinners every night.  Tonight it's roast pork with crackling - perfect winter fare. I managed to do a 15 day menu plan and bring everything I needed from Melbourne, which means I don't have to rely on the limited choice here on the mountain. 

In fact our family has been eating very well since I discovered Bill Granger's cookbooks.  All the recipes are tasty and simple and I've put him up there ahead of Jamie Oliver for tasty family recipes.


These are photos of a little quilting project I started working on a few weeks ago.  I was inspired by this image, and suddenly I just had to replicate it.


I rumaged in my box of shirting fabrics and pulled out all of these that shared the same pretty blue tone.  Many of these are from Townmouse production, and some are from a local shirting maker who I have been known to visit from time to time to beg for scraps.

I will look forward to progressing this some more when we are back into term time.