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Beautiful storage jars

Don't you love beautiful storage options?


These jars seem wonderfully old fashioned to me.  My mother has a whole set of jars very similar to this that came from her mother's pantry.  Original and stunning jars with bakelite lids from decades past.  I think these jars are in homage to those.


I was very excited to find these online a while back.  I ordered lots of them and they sit two deep in my pantry.  We don't have a large pantry in our current kitchen - just a cupboard.

I dream of having something like this in our next house:

Perfect pantry storage

So I'll be at the ready with my set of lovely jars in our next house (I have a few more jars in storage in the garage waiting for a bigger kitchen - call me crazy).  On top of my wish list for our next house is a blow your mind pantry and laundry.

But for now, opening my little pantry at home and seeing these jars makes me happy.

(Above photo from my Kitchen Pinterest board - image source located there.)


Amellia Grosser

Love your storage jars. May I ask where you purchased them? I need some. Probably shouldn't write this but we have had mice in our house for the first time!! Not happy. So everything had to go into all my plastic freezer containers in a hurry. I have been wanting to reorganize the pantry with something nicer. I too dream of a new huge pantry.
How are your quilts coming along?


why i do believe that's emerson's awesome pantry kristine. have you seen the rest of her home? swooooon.


Love that pantry! I love the openess and accessibility! We have a pantry that also doubles up as a massive 'throw it behind that door' storage space! Perhaps we should take the door off so people can actually peer in, that way we'll have to keep it organised and tidy!

Harmony and rosie

I have that bottom image on my Pinterest board too!
I love your jars.


its so hard to find large square jars-they fit so much better on the shelf than round ones...would you mind sharing the link where you ordered these from.


Beautifully uniformed like little soldiers! Love it x


Whoops! Meant to ask you where did you purchase such lovely jars?

I've seen these jars on the Donna Hay general store website.


Hi Kris - Am also in love with the jars and very much crave the floor to ceiling open pantry you featured as opposed to our cave like step in and be forever lost very deep pantry (which came with the house). Like the other ladies I was wondering if you could recall where you bought them online?
Kind regards


hello kris, i really love those jars!! could you please tell me where you purchased them?
Thanks so much,

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