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Crochet flower hair ties

I must make some more of these.


I have an idea to make a collection of these for when Adelaide has a birthday party.  They could secure the lolly bags that are given out at the end of the party.  Wouldn't that be a cute idea?  Little cellophane bags full of cute lollies with crochet flower hair ties to match.

There's more info on the pattern here.



gorgeous ! love them.


so cute! crocheting is something I'd love to learn! someday...


I have recently rediscovered crochet and am obsessed with it. I love these crochet hair ties they are a fabulous idea. Love the red and white combo as well. Thanks for sharing the pattern too :)


Thanks for the post and link, I've been looking for a little thing to crochet. It's been a while since I last had my hook out, so this project would be the perfect item to get me going again.


Love reading your blog, very inspirational. Can I make one suggestion though ..... instead of cellophane bags you could make these
I have been making them for friends children for a while now and they just love them. Its also a more enviromentally friendly :)
Good Luck

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