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Crochet flower hair ties

I must make some more of these.


I have an idea to make a collection of these for when Adelaide has a birthday party.  They could secure the lolly bags that are given out at the end of the party.  Wouldn't that be a cute idea?  Little cellophane bags full of cute lollies with crochet flower hair ties to match.

There's more info on the pattern here.

Beautiful storage jars

Don't you love beautiful storage options?


These jars seem wonderfully old fashioned to me.  My mother has a whole set of jars very similar to this that came from her mother's pantry.  Original and stunning jars with bakelite lids from decades past.  I think these jars are in homage to those.


I was very excited to find these online a while back.  I ordered lots of them and they sit two deep in my pantry.  We don't have a large pantry in our current kitchen - just a cupboard.

I dream of having something like this in our next house:

Perfect pantry storage

So I'll be at the ready with my set of lovely jars in our next house (I have a few more jars in storage in the garage waiting for a bigger kitchen - call me crazy).  On top of my wish list for our next house is a blow your mind pantry and laundry.

But for now, opening my little pantry at home and seeing these jars makes me happy.

(Above photo from my Kitchen Pinterest board - image source located there.)

Best quilting rulers

A few posts back I mentioned quilting rulers and what an improvement they have made to my piecing.


Lately I've been a little fixated with flying geese.  An obsession traced back to this quilt.


I had a play around with a few blocks myself.


And then got sidetracked by the blue and white shirting quilt. These two blocks are draped over my airing rack and will possibly be added to when the urge strikes.


As well as a classic flying geese ruler for cutting the triangles, I invested in possibly my favourite ruler to date - the Wing Clipper.  This ruler is used to trim down the little geese blocks after you've stitched them.


It works a treat and I love the perfect little blocks I end up with. They are much more satisfying to put together when they're this accurate.

I wish I'd known about these tools when I was inpsired to make this quilt years back.  Unfortunately it hasn't progressed.  I pulled out all the blocks to trim them down and they were a mess of odd sizes.  As a result I'm not sure this quilt will make it any further.

Pickle dish quilt progress

These little arcs of colour make me inordinately happy.


They come together really quickly. The most time consuming part is cutting around the templates.  Once that is done the sewing is a snap.  I now have nearly 100 of these arcs - enough to make a quilt of 4 x 5 circles.


At the time of purchase, I didn't realise I need an accompanying set of templates for all the joining blocks. They've been ordered and I'm eagerly looking out my studio window while I sew to see if there's a nice looking parcel in our letterbox. Hopefully today.


Until then, I will just have to satisfy myself with laying these blocks out on our bed.

Pickle dish quilt

Last week I dropped by the Quilt and Craft Fair that came to Melbourne.  As well as seeing the amazing quilts on display, I went hunting for quilting supplies.

Specialty rulers and templates were a bit of a revelation to me.  I'd never used one before I made my kaleidoscope quilt. When I discovered the difference they can make to accurate piecing I was hooked. So I'm now on the lookout for other nifty rulers and devices that make my quilting better.


One of my purchases at the fair was a set of pickle dish templates.  These are fun!  And I love sewing pieces that have the corners trimmed.  It makes for quick and easy alignment.


Look at these little piles of loveliness.  I pulled all the happy fabrics from my stash.  Clear and bright fabrics that look fresh and cheery against the white.


Yum.  Now I'm off to join them together.

My house is a mess.  There are little snippets of fabric all over the carpet.  I'm covered in threads and I haven't eaten lunch. But I'm happy as a lark while I potter in my studio for the day, playing with fabric and listening to Pandora.  Life is sweet.

What's your favourite quilting tool?  I've got a few.  I'll share with you my other purchases in a future post soon.