Pickle dish quilt
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Pickle dish quilt progress

These little arcs of colour make me inordinately happy.


They come together really quickly. The most time consuming part is cutting around the templates.  Once that is done the sewing is a snap.  I now have nearly 100 of these arcs - enough to make a quilt of 4 x 5 circles.


At the time of purchase, I didn't realise I need an accompanying set of templates for all the joining blocks. They've been ordered and I'm eagerly looking out my studio window while I sew to see if there's a nice looking parcel in our letterbox. Hopefully today.


Until then, I will just have to satisfy myself with laying these blocks out on our bed.


Donna sea horse quilts

What a great quilt this will be!


They are fantastic! I am loving them, too. Thanks for sharing, xox.

Amellia Grosser

The colors are beautiful and I love the pattern. Looking forward to seeing your quilt progress.


I have a pickle dish on my to do list. It is at the bottom though. Yours is turning out lovely. It may make me rethink my last place on my to do list. Can't wait to see this finished.

sharm's outlet

This is lovely...

lyn lindsay

Lovely, look forward to finished quilt, am pleased you are sharing the template pieces great to know.


I love that pickle dish, those templates are a great idea.

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