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Down Under Doll Quilt has been sent

On Friday I bundled my doll quilt into the post.

Doll quilt flying geese

Continuing with my obsession with flying geese, I pulled some happy fabrics from my stash and got to work.

Doll quilt layout

I then played with the layout.  Once I have blocks where I want them I take a photo.  It's the easiest way to remember which bits belong where.

Doll quilt quilting

I did a little free motion quilting.  

Doll quilt quilted

This red hoop is called a Quilt Halo.  It's rubbery, so grips the fabric.  There's no need for quilting gloves.  You can pick one up here.  I haven't had the chance to try it on a larger quilt, so can't say yet whether I love it or not.  I will aim to give it another try soon.

Doll quilt ready to send

I couldn't resist including a couple of matching t-shirts for the little girls in my swap partner's home, who are the true recipients of the doll quilt.  Well that narrows the field a bit if you're trying to guess who my swap partner is, doesn't it?  I suspect my parcel arrived today so the game is up anyway.



absolutely love this quilt and the quilting - thanks the for close ups - did the halo work ok for this little quilt - I figure it would be worth a try just to use on the little quilts ! did you do that quilting in a line from side to side ? its just so effective :)


What a lucky recipient! Your quilt and t-shirts are lovely!


it's here and it is SOOOOOOOO LOVELY!!!! thank you so much, i picked the package up from my PO box yesterday and the girls were so excited that it held something for them. they both adore the quilt and have been *mostly* good about sharing and they both wore their shirts yesterday : ) i came here to track down your email to write a thank you message but can't resist writing it here and confirming just how amazing this little quilt is - it is just as perfectly made and charming as it appears in these pics! thanks again, it will be treasured. x

Suz beautifully quilted!! I am quite partial to the flying geese myself...they are in Isabella's quilt too.

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