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Crafter's block

Company in the studio

I'm swimming in a sea of orders today in the studio.  I'm working flat out.  While I'm stitching at my machine I'm watching catch up episodes of Smash on my laptop.

I also have company in the studio now.

Lucy in the studio

Meet Lucy.

She's our new puppy.  She's already 5 months old.  We got her a little under two weeks ago.  She's the sweetest little thing. She likes to sit at my feet while I sew.  And every now and then I get a nudge on my thigh by a little wet nose.  Someone wants a pat.

Yes, those ears are enormous aren't they?  



She is adorable, love her name as well.


snowy says hello to lucy!
(she's so sweet ...)


Hello Lucy! She is beautiful! And I love your studio work space. So neat and tidy.



What lovely company to have, she is beautiful x


What a sweet face! You are in good company indeed.
And yes, the ears....enormous :)


Your Lucy is just beautiful, with those sweet brown eyes. She looks so well behaved for her age. We have a red and white corgi, his name is Harry and we all love him to bits.


Sweet little puppy! I also love your beautifully folded fabric in the background! Looks like the perfect place to work :)


What an adorabel puppy. Her ears are perfect!

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