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Crafter's block

I've been suffering from crafter's block.  All year really.  I don't know where my sewing mojo has gone. Maybe it's been sucked into the Pinterest abyss. Too much time spent looking at other people's creative output, leaving less time for my own creating.  I'm not sure what it is - the pressure to create something equally pretty; too many pretty things to choose from it's hard to know what project to choose.

When I look back at my industriousness of previous years I'm quite impressed. This year's mosaic won't be quite so large.  

Linen Yarn

Meanwhile, look at this pretty yarn.  It's a linen yarn from Quince and Co. It's quite dreamy to look at. I've been flicking through my Japanese crochet books for a little inspiration.

Crochet blanket

I came across this image.  Isn't this granny square blanket fabulous? I think it's the red that makes it so striking - a nice change from the white bordered ones.  I love the bobbly edging on it too.  It's from this book. Not sure how it helps me with my little ball of linen yarn though.  See, there I go, dithering. What to do, what to do?



It seems to match the blue in the blanket.

I had a year or so where I just looked and looked and didn't know where I was going and then one day I turned off the computer and started making. I guess all that inspiration takes time to settle in.

Amellia Grosser

The blanket is gorgeous. Learning to crochet is on my list of things to learn.
I have just joined Pinterest and follow blogs, and I think I am suffering inspiration overload!
This has been my first year of both children at school, and I don't work outside the home and I seem to have sewn much less this year. Something needs to change! Annabel is 9 so probably my last year of sewing her Liberty dresses.

I look forward to seeing what you make next.


lyn lindsay

I so agree about the time spent looking at others who seem to achieve much as I look on and feel not so good that I am not in the same boat, I will be rectifying this by staying 'put' in the sewing room.
Happy sewing and may your mojo return.

Anne Marie

Your Mojo will come back when you are ready for it... sometimes life needs us to contemplate...linger and reflect...

...and then suddenly you are ready.


you have been so busy for such a long time, no need to stress!

sewing and crochet will suddenly be magical once again when the time is right ...

Barbara :)

ps adore the blanket! that red is just sublime ...


The blanket is scrumptious!
This block has also happened to me at times. But when you least expect it, the mojo comes back. The minute you see something truly inspirational and get on with it, there is no stopping you afertwards. One just needs that little push to get started.
I also find that I need a purpose to create.

Some good words of advice from the above comments.

I found an excellent piece of advice on Pinterest (oh the irony), which is not to wait around for inspiration but to get making and inspiration will follow. It was phrased more succinctly than that but that is what I took from it. Now I just have to see if it works!!



It really is a beautiful blanket! I agree about Pinterest, there's so many creative people out there that sometimes it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed! But I always love your creations! I'm sure that with your little ball of linen yarn you'll make something beautiful!


The internet is surely blessing and a curse.

I found recently my head was 'full'. If I woke in the night my thoughts would immediately switch on, which was frustrating not to mention tiring.

I've never been one to journal but I read about many business people doing it to clear their heads (in the book The Slight Edge). You simply write down a page of thoughts and feelings, whatever you want - no editing, just rambling if you will. Get it all out, and you might find it clears your head too for more important things and brings focus. It really does work. It's a pity my husband AND my daughter found my ramblings hidden in an Elle Decoration by my bed and both read it, wondering what the heck it was! Next time I will write it down and then throw it out.



Definitely a Joyous piece of crochet work! I noted how you said that the Japanese crochet books are thoughtful in their detail and diagrams. So I leaped into the tiny ruffle flower you made for your daughter in 2010--- hair elastic + pretty crochet flower. I am using the basic idea for a ruffle on my very first afghan and I LOVE the results. Your post has GREATLY helped me two fold.
* not to be intimidated by the Japan crochet books
* that diagrams are our friends :)

I Thank YOU Dear Blogging Friend.

With Kindness,

Marian Cates

I feel your pain. I've had knitter's block ever since I messed up two (TWO) sweater vests in a row. Of course, I was crazy ill at the time. But I just can't get myself going again. However, there may be hope for both of us yet. Let's hope so.

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