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Owl Halloween costume

As in previous years, the children and I got into the Halloween spirit.  I carved some pumpkins, put some orange balloons on our fence and got our bowl of treats ready on the hall table. Halloween is big in our neck of the woods, because our streets are full of young families.  And the children in those families aren't going to pass up the opportunity to amass a large quantity of free sweets.

Making for Halloween

I borrowed some inspiration from Pinterest.  As you can see, this costume idea is by no means my original design.  But I happened to have a pretty selection of owl coloured fabrics and I couldn't resist replicating it.

I made a little feather template that was 4 inches wide and 5 inches long.  I grabbed a handy Townmouse tee, set my machine to zigzag and got to work.  This little outfit took about 30 minutes to construct.  The owl eyes were cut out of my very handy patternmaking card and stuck to an old pair of sunglasses.

Owl Halloween costume

Teamed with some grey leggings, Adelaide was good to go.

Now I think it's time for a bowl of pumpkin soup!



Adelaide looks so sweet. Luke wanted to be a huntsman spider this year, so black leggings and tee with a a large spider (I found in a $2 shop)on his back and I must say he looked really cute for a spider. Jack was a green monster so I twirled him in his green uniform with green streamers and a scary mask. Simple stuff this year, we're moving house on Friday so it had to be easy and non-sewing costume. They were pretty happy.

Heidi B

Adelaide looks so adorable! I think we will need to get more into the Halloween spirit next year with house decorations etc - in Melbourne we were in a little laneway that got no foot traffic, and now in Adelaide we are on more of a Halloween thoroughfare. At least I remembered the all important lollies though!


What a wonderful costume! You've done a great job Kristine! Will have to bookmark this one :) Adelaide makes a super cute owl...

Sophie xo

Jenny C

What a Hoot! I love Halloween and as Aussies in America we can't miss out on the action. If your interested my kids costumes (lego man and strawberry) are on my blog fiberlosophy dot blogspot dot com


How gorgeous !!!

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