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Library ladder

Isn't this pretty.

French ladder

This was the window display just before Christmas at a sweet shop not far from me.  I rather liked the look of this antique ladder so took a photo of it to discuss with Will the possibility of bringing it home.

Then I promptly forgot about it until I rediscovered the photo on my phone.  Well the ladder had sold but I still like to admire this pretty window display.

These ladders are a lovely idea but you need to have quite a large space to use them in.  They have a large footprint and encroach into a room quite a bit.  There's certainly no space for it in our crowded house.

It's probably just as well I wasn't too tempted.



It is a very lovely ladder, it falls under two loves of mine, libraries and furniture! However I think you are right, it would take up quite a bit of room, maybe the next house!

amellia grosser

Lovely ladder (and what looks like a Liberty cushion on the chair).

I would love a ladder that I could hang quilts on, but not sure I have a spare corner.


yes, lovely ladder....but I think I like the chair even more!! Imagine the two of them in a home library....bliss


I could place the ladder out side my window and run away with Peter Pan sometime!

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