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Term time

Well hello there!

Wow I still can't believe we're back into term time.  As I stood at the kitchen bench in front of the school lunchboxes the night before school started, I couldn't quite believe I had a whole year of making school lunches ahead of me.  And this year I have to make four.  Best not to do the calculation.

Kindy girl

This little minx started kindy this morning.  Following which we (she) had a nasty meltdown in Country Road which stopped a few people in their tracks.  We're going to have a little bit of a focus on manners these next few weeks.  I suppose it was a tall order to take her shopping following her first morning, but there you have it.

Although I'm determined for her not to be the spoilt youngest child and over indulged daughter I don't think her brothers got that memo.  Really, they all dote on her, it's ridiculous.  I have to keep reminding them that they are creating a monster.  "Just wait til she's ten and expecting you to jump to her every command, then you'll be sorry", they hear me say.

Anyhoo, time to do the school run and collect the boys.  Swim lessons and taekwondo tonight, tennis tomorrow, sailing and more taekwondo the day after.  Yes, it's all started.  And for me?  Well hopefully a little sewing time in the weeks to come. Will have to show you some projects I have on the go in the next few days.



That precious smile could melt butter! I hear you about the unnecessary doting... I'm working on my girl at the moment. Even though she's a good girl, she sometimes thinks just because she asks, she will receive! Unfortunately the world doesn't work that way! Looking forward to your projects :)

Sophie xo


Hi Kristine,
Welcome back to blogland. I have been doing lots of sewing and making lately which is fun. My eldest starts kinder again this week - and ballet lessons! Fun. I am making her dance uniform...will post about it next week. Also having heaps of fun doing up a sewing cabinet. Look forward to seeing what you are up to:) Suz

Pomme Lulita

Don't I just miss reading about you and your lovely family. Adelaide looks so much like her daddy. Just like Miss A, my little girl, Hannah, starts kinder this week, so I will have to learn to pack those lunchbox. Any tips?


Welcome back Kristine! Oh... I hear you about the lunchboxes (daily nightmare for me... the same question keeps popping up in my mind "Why are these kids such picky eaters?") In this part of the world we are half way through the school year and I'm already exhausted!
Adelaide looks beautiful! So grown up!

Amellia Grosser

Lovely to read your blog again. Looking forward to seeing what you have been making.

No gentle easing back into school routine here either!

Adelaide looks so sweet.



I thought the exact same thing this week (except I wasn't even organised enough to make the lunches at night!)

My kids just started at a new school and we have to leave 30 mins earlier than last year...its a killer if you arent a morning person.

I can't believe miss adelaide is so grown up.


Miss Adelaide is Adorable! I can't believe she's such a big girl now -- it seems like just yesterday that she was born!


Hello again!
Wow, Adelaide is certainly a big girl now!!So gorgeous!
In no time lunch box preparation time will be a breeze, you will see.


What a beautiful girl Miss Adelaide has grown into - kindy who would imagine! It only seems yesterday that she appeared on you blog as a baby bundle. How fast they grow- cherish and cuddle- we have them for such a short time- our Ella is in grade 6 this year. Tx

Jean C.

So hard to believe that "that" much time has passed already! I mean, I'm not her mom... but it wasn't all that long ago that you were telling us all that you were having a girl!!! Enjoy, times does seem to go by in leaps and bounds...
Our son was first... and only boy, with 3 younger sisters... who spoiled him! Of course, he did/does still spoil them too!

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