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In a household that avoids wheat, dairy and sugar, desserts can get a little monotonous. Really there are only so many variations of fruit that will keep little ones happy - fruit salad, stewed fruit.... Yawn.

Jelly fruit

So right now these are impressing my four.  And I'm impressed more than anyone because they take about 4 minutes to prepare.  I use these fabulous fruit juices from Preshafruit. This one is the apple and raspberry flavour and its a lovely pink colour that Adelaide approves of.  I've just added two gelatine leaves to one small bottle of juice and poured them into these shot glasses. Done.

Last night's jellies had fresh raspberries floating in them. Such an easy thing to make.  I'd also love to make jellies with those italian pear and apricot nectars.  Mmm, I might have to make a trip to Leo's.



I do a very similar thing in an adults version with pink moscato. Add a few berries, top with a dollop of marscarpone (if you can) with a tiny touch of powdered sugar and a vanilla bean scraped in - Delicious!


Sounds like you guys eat super healthy. I'm glad.

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