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Ocean waves quilt

Saturday morning is always a nice time for some sewing in our house.

Ocean waves quilt

Everyone is calm and enjoying the slower pace a weekend brings.  And I'm pottering in my studio and enjoying the precision required to piece these blocks.

Ocean waves quilt blocks

This creation is totally inspired by Denyse's Ocean Waves quilt. Most of the fabrics I'm using are Denyse Schmidt fabrics from various ranges.

There are lots of exciting things happening in our family and life is good.  But does anyone else find the return to a new school year exhausting?  I'm only just finding my feet now and the term is nearly over.  It's always the way, but seems evermore so this year.



Last year I found the whole school year exhausting, we are enjoying a slower pace this year, which is a welcome change.

lynette lindsay

I can't say its because its a new school year having begun, kids well and truly flown the nest so whats my excuse, a bit sad but my start to the New Year is sooooo slow.


I agree Kristine about the new school year exhaustion. Although I only have 2 kids, now that both are 5 days at school and with after school activities, play dates, Sat sports, birthday parties etc, I only feel now that I am beginning to get a handle on it. I really don't know how you do with 4 children, I rarely find time to read blogs which is probably why I haven't commented on your recent blog posts. Well I'm back now, I think! All the best for the exciting things in your family. Engracia


In this part of the world we are close to the end of the school year, and... talking about "exhaustion"! (but also trying to enjoy as much as I can my quite mornings!)
Glad to know everything is good in your family and lots of exciting things are happening...


love your colors on the ocean wave quilt. i was thinking of making one myself but got overwhelmed ...until i found this tutorial to make 8 HST's in one go. I think its pretty neat and thought i would share it with you. its by a quilter in our town, i tested one out with 6 " squares and made a small block similar to the 'sawtooth stripe quilt' from denyse's book. check our lynn's tutorial. here:

hope this helps!

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